Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Importance of Sincerity in Islam

There is a beautiful saying that “Sincerity is the openness of heart that we find in very less people and the thing we find in majority of people is not sincerity but it is an art of dishonesty hidden under the intensity of that person’s confidence”. This is completely true and relatable. People these days are so good at faking their emotions that it often gets very hard to differentiate among your true friends and your enemies who stab you at the back instead of showing envy on your face. The importance of sincerity cannot be ignored at any case in any aspect of life. No matter if you are having a relation with a person or with your God, it should always be based on the sincerity of heart and should be free from any fakeness and showoff.

It has been seen that people these days are showing a keen interest towards the obligation of Hajj and Umrah due to the convenience of packages like Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 Low Cost Deals and others. Many people perform Hajj and Umrah more than once and some people do it for showoff only. They like the title of being called a Hajj by performing the Hajj many times and this holy obligation has become nothing but an act of showoff only these days. One should always keep in mind that Allah doesn’t need such prayers which are not done with sincerity and purity of heart but only done to show off towards other people and trying to become superior on other people.

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It has been also seen that some people try to become a scholar just to prove themselves superior on those who have little knowledge of Islam. Such acts should be avoided at any cost as Allah doesn’t like the hypocrite at all. Not only Allah, but His men should also be treated with love and sincerity. There is no point of showing a fake love towards a person that you don’t like by heart. If you don’t like a person then simply stop meeting him or avoid interacting with him at all. One should try to be sincere with all relations of his life whether they are relations with a person or with his Lord like perform Umrah thru Family Umrah Packages 2019.