Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Role and Status of Father in Islam

No doubt, Islam has great emphasized on the importance of mother and we find the superiority of mother in several hadiths as well. Certainly, the mother plays an important role in the birth of the child. Off-course she passes through the critical situation during the pregnancy time when there is a huge threat of death. Millions of mother have to meet death while giving the birth of a child every year. And that is the reason Allah (SWT) and His Messenger give great importance to mother. 

However, it does not mean that the father is ignored in Islam as Islam makes justice equally with all beings according to their status. Truly, the role of the father is highly recognized in Islam. As the Holy Quran says: “The pleasure of Almighty Allah is in the pleasure of the father and the displeasure of Allah (SWT) is in the displeasure of the father. And Islamic history tells that the greatest obedience of father was shown by Hazrat Ismael (AS) at the time of fulfilling the trial of Allah (SWT) in the form of slaughtering. That’s why through Low price Ramadan Umrah packages a massive amount of pilgrims recall the memory of Ismael (AS) in the holy Kaaba. 

Since the father takes responsibilities to give the education and other particulars of life which are essential for the child in order to become the mature body. Mostly children whose fathers are passed away, unfortunately, indulge in some wrong-doings. The reason behind is obvious that they have a lack of father’s concentration which is necessary for grooming. The child learns by holding the finger of father and father guides what is better for him and vice versa. 

The child feels proud because of having the shadow of the father, but those who are deprived of such wealth really feel inferiority of complex which is very harmful to a child’s grooming. So, it is the responsibility of father that he must provide all the necessities to his child which make the child sturdy, mature and the most important the responsible. Because when a child reaches the youth age, definitely the power of the father is started to down and the father has to need the support. And the only son is the big support in this regard. Millions of obedient sons are getting a huge reward by the help of Islamic Travel Hajj and Umrah Offers to be the cause of their parents to perform them.  

However, if the father has already made his son capable in order to support him and family, so the father is relaxed and passes the next days in the remembrance of Allah (SWT) with entirely ease. On the other hand, if the father does not take the responsibility in order to provide the particulars of life to his child, so in return father could not pass the old ages with a relaxing environment as his son is not in a position to support him. 

As well as a father is responsible to make his child capable, similarly child is also responsible to obey him and take care of him in older days. Because the Messenger of Allah (SWT) said, “If you obey your parents and treat them with kindness, so in return, your children will behave with you likewise you.